Global Butterflies Donates To Good Causes

Here are just some of our recent donations:


GiveOut is an award-winning charity working to grow giving to support the global struggle for LGBTQI rights.

Courageous activists are doing vital work to protect and improve the lives of LGBTQI people, but they are under-resourced. 

GiveOut works to address this problem by enabling individuals and businesses to give in one place to support LGBTQI activism worldwide.

The charity distributes these pooled donations as grants to activist-led organisations around the world, ensuring they have more of the resources they need to defend their communities and campaign for equality.

You can find out more here

The London Bisexual Network

The London Bisexual Network is a professional network catering to those who work in the legal, insurance, banking and professional services industries. We aim to build awareness of and support for the bi communities within the city of London. While primarily focused on the bi community, we welcome individuals from the greater LGBTQ+ and pan community, as well as allies

You can find out more here

The Good Law Project

Good Law Project is a not-for-profit campaign organisation that uses the law to protect the interests of the public. They fight cases that defend, define or change the law and we use litigation to engage and educate. They challenge abuses of power, exploitation, inequality, and injustice.    They take up many Trans causes.  

You can find out more here

Medway Pride 2022

Medway Pride CIC is a not for profit community organisation which aims to promote equality and diversity across all communities of Medway  for the public benefit and in particular the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity especially for those living in Medway and the surrounding areas.

You can find out more here

Inter-University Fundraiser

University students supporting inclusivity in society. Together, raising awareness for the need to dismantle negative stereotypes.  Together, standing for equality

Global Butterflies gave a small donation (sadly Covid 19 has affected our ability to donate at the level we usually do).    The donation went towards the brilliant Diversity Role Models, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Equality Now

You can find out more here

Emerald 50 Fund

The Emerald 50 Fund has been established to support LGBTQI activism in Southern Africa. The Fund is managed by GiveOut and sponsored by Steve Wardlaw and his company Emerald Life, a UK insurance provider offering equality of experience for diverse customers including the LGBTQI community and women. .

You can find out more here

Sail NI

Sail NI is a support organisation for the families of transgender and gender variant people in Northern Ireland. 

They directly support families across the region, as well as advocating for trans people and their families at a regional, national and European level. 

If your family member is exploring their gender, or is transgender, and you need support, please get in touch. You’re far from alone, and there is a lot of support available for you. 

You can find out more here