Helping Businesses Become Trans Inclusive & Non-Binary Inclusive

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Helping Businesses Become Trans Inclusive & Non-Binary Inclusive

About Us

Established in 2015, Global Butterflies was created to help businesses to become more trans and non-binary inclusive.  trans-inclusion”

Our Success

Through our workshops and consultancy support, we work with businesses across a number of sectors on making their workplaces somewhere where all people can thrive.

Global Butterflies’ facilitators work  with many of the top 100 employers listed in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index); 22 organisations listed in the 2024 list.

We work with businesses to tailor each workshop and presentation to suit their needs, and offer consultancy support – such as policy writing and one-to-one sessions where requested.

Our aim is to help businesses create a diverse and inclusive culture where every single person can excel at their career.  Global Butterflies will work with you to achieve this by not only helping you to support your trans and non-binary employees, but also to attract clients and customers from the trans and non-binary community.

Trans Inclusive & Non-Binary Inclusive

Workshops & Services

Global Butterflies’ suite of workshops
are designed to have a high impact
on the employee experience.


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“The best people in the corporate space”

“The experience was positive from start to finish”

“Insightful and knowledgeable”

​​​​“Very engaging talk”

“Fantastic source of knowledge on all aspects of gender identity”

​”The delivery style is polished, professional, relaxed and humorous”

“They are passionate about trans-inclusion, it’s not about them, it’s about the work, I love that”

“They made the trans space less scary to step into”

“The feedback we had from our attendees was excellent”

​​​​“Some wonderful advice in regard to making our workplace trans-inclusive”

“Blown away”

We have worked with many brilliant Clients from around the world

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