Our Workshops & Services


(each workshop can be delivered either face to face OR virtually)

Global Butterflies’ suite of face to face and virtual workshops are designed to have a high impact on the employee experience and the quality of the client service your organisation delivers.  Our sessions are by no means set in stone and we are able to adapt each and every workshop to your needs.


For all employees

Presentation - Trans & non-binary 101 - Your first steps to trans & non-binary inclusion

For employees at any level

Trans & non-binary global experiances workshop

Trans & non-binary worldwide comparisons

LGBTQI+ Awareness Workshop

For employees at any level

Active Bystander Workshop

5 Steps for Bystander Intervention 

Trans & non-binary Language & Pronouns Workshop

The What, The When and The How

For human resources teams:

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for Human Resources (General Awareness & Processes)

Directors, managers, officers, administrators and recruiters  

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for Human Resources (HR Plus) - Bringing Your Policies Alive

Directors, managers, officers, administrators and recruiters  

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for Talent Aquisition

e.g. Respectful Recruitment, Systems, Processes, Touch Points 

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Managing trans & non-binary employees in other countries

e.g. Keeping them safe

Customer facing teams:

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for public and client facing staff

Security, reception, switchboard and venue/customer services

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Media Teams / Organisations

 Terminology, facts and respectful writing, interviewing and interacting with the trans & non-binary community 

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Giving good customer service to the trans & non-binary community

e.g. Telephone, face to face and on-line

For managers / directors:

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Senior Leaders

Why your business needs to be trans & non-binary inclusive and the benefits of being so

Director / Manager one to one sessions

e.g. Successful transition/change of gender expression management in the workplace

Senior Leadership Workshop (Implementing a LGBTQI+ Strategy)

e.g. The steps to implementing a successful LGBTQI+ strategy and the benefits

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for managers and co-employees of a transitioning colleague

e.g. Return to work prepartion and support

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Managers

e.g. Recruiting, developing and supporting trans & non-binary employees

Enhanced Inclusive Leadership (NEW!!!)

e.g. Practical tools to develop your inclusive leadership skills

For internal networks:

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for Allies

e.g. How to be good and supportive trans & non-binary allies

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - LGBTQI Network Leads (NEW!!!)

e.g. Tools & tips to help increase the confidence of LGBTQI+ Nework leads in order to help raise the impact & influence of their trans & non-binary inclusion strategies within their own organisations

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop - Super Allies

Taking basic Allyship knowledge to the next level!

Trans & non-binary inclusivity workshop for LGBTQI+ networks

e.g. Ensuring that the “T” is added effectively to your LGBQI network


(each service can be supported face to face or virtually)


We know that sometimes helping a business become trans & non-binary inclusive through workshops isn’t enough.  That’s why Global Butterflies can also work with you in the following ways:  

Trans & non-binary healthcare package planning

e.g. Working with your benefits manager and health provider

Trans & non-binary policy drafting advice and review

e.g. Refresh your trans & non-binary diversity and inclusion policies

Keynote Speakers

e.g. D & I Event, After Dinner?  Please contact us to discuss here

Providing holistic support to both you and a transitioning employee

e.g. Confidential transition support packages

Bespoke Design

e.g. Something else in mind? Please contact us to discuss here