In Conversation Series

 We chat to the wonderful author and campaigner, Philippa Ryder. 

Philippa shares with us the status of Ireland trans & nonbinary rights.  

We speak to brilliant Rebecca Berry, known as the Inclusion Coach.    Rebecca speaks about her journey as an active trans & nonbinary Ally and offers some great advice on being an Ally to our community. 

Christina Riley, trans “real” model in the Construction Industry talking openly about her life before and after her gender expression change (and Star Wars!).

“In Conversation” with Marc McKenna-Coless who shares his impact, as a trans and non-binary ally, in his ground breaking work at both RBS/NatWest, and currently at LLoyd’s of London as well as his personal reflections on his own journey to become a trans and non-binary ally.

The awesome Leng Montgomery shares very openly his thoughts and experiences on feminism, intersectionality as well as diversity and inclusion. This webinar, coming in Pride Month, is especially important as it’s critical to hear from impactful trans voices such as Leng.

Kenny Ethan Jones shares very openly his own experiences as a black trans man, his activism, his views on trans and non-binary inclusion in advertising and the impact of social media on mental health.

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“In Conversation” with Larraine Solomon who speaks about being a trans & non-binary ally, and the positive impact that it has had on her.

Nabila Zulfiqar shares very openly her thoughts and experiences on intersectionality, diversity and inclusion as well as the role of the regulator.  This is an amazing webinar where we discuss broader D&I topics and how senior leaders can step up as champions.

Our first “In Conversation” is with the amazing Tate Smith who talks openly and frankly about his own experience as a trans man working in the legal sector.