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A guide to trans and non-binary inclusion, written for Lloyd's of London

Guide to Gender-Neutral Drafting, supported by Global Butterflies

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Clifford Chance increases efforts to eliminate gendered language in legal drafting internationally

Fighting for trans and non-binary rights!

Trans Day of Visibility (excerpt) 2020

Lloyd's of London issues trans and non-binary inclusion guide

Lloyd's of London & Global Butterflies publishes trans and non-binary inclusion guide

Global Butterflies mentioned by the brilliant Marie-Claire Byrne (Davis Woolfe LLP) in her article about pronoun usage.

Top City law firm unveils plans to use AI to purge ‘gendered language’ including ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘chairman’ from ALL its legal documents

While the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people have advanced over the past decades, campaigners for transgender people believe that the ‘T’ in LGBT+, needs far more attention.


Brands urged to stop censoring LGBTQ couples, while bisexual and trans people remain invisible in mainstream advertising

Rachel quoted in The London Times