People we like to support

Global Butterflies often collaborates with other organisations and individuals to bring trans & non-binary issues to the surface.  From charities to registered mental health practitioners, we like to join up with others when we can.  Some of the organisations that we’ve collaborated with and admire include:


GiveOut is an award-winning UK-based charity raising funds for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) human rights activism worldwide.

They ensure that activists and their organisations have more of the resources they need to defend their communities and campaign for change by growing philanthropy in the UK. They provide activists with resources, not strategies, to support them in using their own expertise to effect change.

You can find out more here

Emerald Life

Emerald Life is the UK’s most LGBT- and women-friendly insurer in the UK. They work a lot on advocacy within the insurance sector around issues for transgender customers and those living with HIV, seeking to change policies, customer experience and the industry’s viewpoint on these issues.

They have won several awards on diversity and inclusion in various insurance awards, against much bigger competitors, and continue to work to change attitudes within the financial services sector.

You can find out more HERE

Aspiring Solicitors

Aspiring Solicitors was set up in 2013 by Chris White whilst he was an associate at Norton Rose Fulbright. The primary aim of Aspiring Solicitors is to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

They work with law firms and legal teams across the UK to provide events, coaching and mentoring, competitions, employability assistance and access to the legal profession. Since 2014, their diverse members have been offered over 3500+ training contracts and vacation schemes.


You can find out more here

InsideOut Charter

As an organisation we are publicly affiliating with InsideOut through signing up to the InsideOut Charter. We are committed to showing that we are an organisation willing to take the lead in social change through speaking openly about mental health.

The InsideOut Charter is focused on the actions of our workplace leaders and how they are are demonstrating commitment to creating mentally healthier organisations. The 7 core principles provide Leaders a tangible route to get behind the agenda, as derived from the Stevenson-Farmer Core and Enhanced standards.


You can find out more here

The Third Culture

The Third Culture is a management consultancy that helps organisations become more effective through a ‘culture-first’ approach.  They create solutions in the areas of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership that deliver meaningful change.

There is some recognition in many organisations that a change in approach to culture is needed, to keep up with changes in societal attitudes. There is also extensive evidence that a diverse and more representative workforce improves innovation, creativity and drives growth.

But the questions we often ask ourselves are: what really is our organisational culture? How do we define the change that might be needed? And once we know what that change is, how would we implement it and measure our success?

The Third Culture can help answer these questions.    You can find out more here


Innerfit help people and organisations feel well and work well – common sense, but not common practice.

They work with organisations to develop leaders, support people to be at their best, and shift company culture.

Their team of experts cover a wide spectrum of employee culture and wellbeing areas, including: mental health, leadership training, movement, nutrition and inclusion.

You can find out more here


Menopause in the Workplace make it easy for you to get everyone talking about menopause at work. They’ve supported hundreds of leading organisations create and deliver sustainable cultural change, helping you create a menopause-friendly workplace.

They provide everything you need, from best practice policies and guidance to training – in person, online, eLearning and video.

For more information, visit their website here

LGBT Great

LGBT Great is a specialist membership organisation focused on measuring and improving LGBT+ diversity and inclusion maturity within the investment and savings industry through insights, visibility and outreach programs.

Their vision is a global investment and savings industry which understands, supports and promotes LGBT+ diversity and inclusion. They believe that recognisable and measurable progress can be achieved across the industry by providing a model that is fit for purpose.

The programme is also developing metrics to track and monitor progress.

You can find out more here


myGwork is the business community for LGBT+ professionals, graduates, inclusive employers and anyone who believes in workplace equality.

We want to empower the LGBT+ community by offering our individual members a safe space where they can connect with inclusive employers, find jobs, mentors, professional events and news.

myGwork is an Award Winning Company. Its founders won the Attitude Award Young LGBT+ Entrepreneur of the Year and the organisation was listed in the Top 5 startup with Pride by Geek Times

You can find out more here

Samantha Carbon 

Samantha Carbon is a trained and registered psychotherapist, who works with individuals who have experienced myriad mental health related conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, and loss. She has done a lot of work in the trans & non-binary space.   She is passionate about supporting trans & non-binary people and their families to be their true selves and to thrive.

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